White Strains

White Strains Guide

White strains are one of the most popular types of kratom plants because they have their own variety of benefits. These strains are widely recognized for being so effective

As is well known, the leaves and stems harvested from the Kratom tree have been used as natural supplements for thousands of years. This plant originates from Southeast Asia and has long been consumed by local people as a plant that is nutritious for the body.

White strains are one of the three main categories of Kratom, including Red and Green. Basically there is only one species that we know as the Kratom tree (Mitragyna Speciosa), various varieties of processed keratom powder because there are so many methods of cultivation, harvesting, and processing of plants. These various techniques produce leaf veins of varying colors. As a result, there are several designations of different Kratom colors as a result.

The effect of the white strain itself can be classified as encouraging. Whereas for other Kratom strains known for feelings of calm or serenity, White strains are used to increase motivation and feelings of optimism.

Southeast Asian people have used the leaves from the kratom tree for thousands of years. by local people Kratom leaves are usually chewed fresh from the tree, or dried and mashed to make a powder that dissolves easily into water.

Because of the strong taste of Kratom powder, it is usually added as a flavor enhancer such as fruit juice.